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Current Things

Help in Cucumbers
A novella
JOAN publishing, 2023

Part collective memoir, part fictionalised survey of art made in the workplace, Help in Cucumbers is set in the London pub I worked in throughout the 1990s.

Order the book (and a tea towel!) from JOAN.

Where They Gather
A spoken word and music album with Kit Downes
October House Records, 2022

Image: Kit & Sally performing, aspirational portrait

An essay on Nina Canell's Muscle Memory (16 Tonnes)
Berlinischer Gallery, Berlin, 2022

Ongoing Things

The Open Arms public house
An online collaborative project

The Open Arms unbolted its doors when all other pubs closed theirs. It is a focus for and record of locked-down conviviality. Dive in for a swift sharpener or settle down to a hearty session. Turn the music up or off, avoid anyone you don't like the look of. The place is yours. And better still - everything is on the house.

Things in Limbo

She Described It to Death
A cancelled opera
Music: Matt Rogers
Libretto: Sally O'Reilly
Director: Anna Morrissey

She Described It to Death

What would happen if humans lived as long as trees? This chamber opera speculates on how near-immortality might change our understanding of what is truly important. Its complex story reflects our often-disastrous relationship with narrative itself.

Commissioned and not quite produced by Royal Opera and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.