The Open Arms unbolted its doors when all other pubs closed theirs. It is a focus for and record of locked-down conviviality. Dive in for a swift sharpener or settle down to a hearty session. Turn the music up or off, avoid anyone you don't like the look of. The place is yours. And better still - everything is on the house.

Sit at the bar while Roxy Beaujolais tells tales tall and true of her forty years a publican.

When gods, humans and other creatures congregate in a pub, there will be plenty to eavesdrop on.

The Pub Bore
Weather the monologues of the pub bore, the half-cut braggard, the fly on the wall, the pub cat...

Sessions by locked-down musicians.

The odd stuff that gets left behind.

Watch the webcam trained on a loo frequented by lost souls and raging spirits.

Short fictions stuffed with food.

The things the cleaner finds on the back of torn coasters...

The pub attracts an unusual stripe of graffiti – profound and niche.


Meet the barred and those who never made it over the threshold.

Writers Haunt
For tips on techniques, prompts for writing and other resources.

Left the pub without your hat or your honour? Contact Manfred the live-in cellarman and he'd be only too happy to discuss its retrieval.
E: theopenarms(at)
T: @manfredopenarms

Meet the regulars and the fly-by-nights who light up The Open Arms.