Each week, the Complicator extracts three pieces from the mesh. Some are essayistic, many narrative, a few instructional or taxonomical. Most are fantastical, absurd and deeply serious. They hinge on talking heads, talking body parts, talking creatures, talking things, invented institutions, infrastructures and processes. Some were made in lieu of talks, for performances, in response to archives, for fun; some solo, some collaboratively. Music and language spills throughout. And everything is complicating.

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The scoop selection will be refreshed weekly, but you can also get under the bonnet of the Complicator. Each video links to three other videos, and you can follow the interconnected keys (right) to track down things of particular interest. There is also a bonus for the intrepid, something that will evade the weekly scoops: a speaking peri-menopausal uterus!